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  • پارسی (Persian)
  • A medium early hybrid of the Nantes type.
  • Yukon is a medium early hybrid of the Nantes type for the fresh pre-pack market in summer, autumn and early winter.
  • Yukon is a very uniform, slender and cylindrical carrot up to 18 cm long with a blunt rounded end.
  • The smooth skin is orange as is the internal and external color. The core is small sized.
  • Yukon’s good field-standing ability means that the mechanical harvest period can be extended to suit weather patterns or market price trends.
  • Yukon is mainly used for fresh market pre-pack.
  • Recommended density for fresh market is 150-250 plants/m2.
  • Resistant to splitting and breaking and alternaria leaf blight
  • Watermelon hybrid, Crimson type, Blocky
  • The early maturity period, resistant to stress conditions
  • Plants with vigorous growth
  • Blocky type fruit
  • Crispy, red-carmine sweet heart
  • Small seeds
  • High production capacity

Includes an intermediate disease resistance package with an extended harvest window for excellent yield potential. The open, nearly spineless plant has uniformity and an attractive appearance.

  • High-quality fruit with excellent yield potential
  • Uniform shape and appearance
  • Nearly spineless open plant with no silvering
  • Extended harvest window due to disease resistance package
  • Upright, semi-open plant for easier harvest and minimized fruit damage

Resistance to:

Powdery mildew
Zucchini yellow mosaic virus
Watermelon mosaic virus