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Promoter of vegetative growth based on algae and amino acids: Stimulates vegetative growth
It favors overcoming stoppages of stress-induced growth...

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REDUSAL is a formulation based on organic acids of low molecular weight (gluconic acid and poly hydrocarbossilic acids),Calcium and Magnesium.REDUSAL, by supplying readily available Calcium and by releasing the one already in the soil...

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SUNRED is a biopromoter containing phenylalanine, methionine, monosaccharides and plant extracts rich in cyclopentanonic compounds (oxylipins), enhancers of many ripening-related methabolic processes. SUNRED supplies both the precursor (phenylalanine) and enhancer

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COMPONENTS: Plant extracts, Amino acids, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Micronutrients, Uptake bioenhancers. CHARACTERISTICS: SHIFT is specifically designed for extensive crops (i.e. cereals, soy, processing tomato, alfalfa). Alone or in association with postemergence ...

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KRISS is a bio promoter of fruit enlargement which performs a double action: Stimulates cell division in young fruit: KRISS increases the biosynthesis of auxins and polyamines, natural promoters of cell ...

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OPTIMIZES THE PLANT’S NUTRITIONAL STATUS Plant health depends on two factors: 1) nutritional status; 2) ability to cope with the environment. ...

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NOV@ GR improves the efficiency of the root-soil system due to the synergism between the active ingredients contained in the vegetal extracts: fulvic acids: improve the growth and development of the plant by ...

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NOV@ is an innovative biopromoter based on vegetal extracts, organic acids, vitamins and chelated micronutrients. The vegetal extracts contained in NOV@ are rich in phytosaponins and glycine betaine which, together with the organic acids,...

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